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April 14, 2012


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J. Kauffeld

I read many of your articles to my children, ages 21-15. This is one of the best.

Dan Kurt

I take umbrage in your demeaning Louis Farrakhan as "Looney Louie" as it disregards his only achievement during his life: he was an accomplished musician. Because of that he deserves the appellation of "Calypso Louie" as he performed on tour and recorded a number of calypso albums before developing his current gig.

Dan Kurt


And if the Truth relates a pattern of black behavior that is something less than the pillar of virtue encomium we hear, how can we speak a politically correct evil without retribution from Leviathan? A public discussion of race, especially criticizing a colored race, and differentiating the European race in any positive way is, if not outright, for all intents and purposes, illegal. An employer, public or private, is compelled to take away the millstone of the speaker of today's greatest heresy. To take a page from what is now called the civil rights movement, the leaders expressed the interests of their people against the popular will under the aegis of their communities, think Martin Luther King making his living as a pastor to his people; and his people understood they had a common interest. Given that a movement to advocate our interests would face even fiercer opposition today, we Europeans would need to have our interests expressed by leaders employed by our own communities. Unfortunately, our own people have very little sense of an identity. It is absolutely necessary to cultivate an understanding, among each other and most importantly our children, that we are a distinct people and that our virtues and accomplishments are not common or inherent to all peoples. Only then can a movement to assert our diminishing interests begin. Only a movement can withstand and vanquish the political, cultural hydra determined to make America, and the West generally, a thing of the past.

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