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May 16, 2012


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Robert Berger

BALONEY. Long ago, many Americans were just as appaled by th eprospect of allowing blacks and women to vote, allowing blacks to serve along whites in the military, and allowing blacks and whites to marry.
Did society collapse ? Of ocurse not.


Solid argument, Selwyn. This is absolutely the best I've seen on the marriage debate.

Laura Ashley

You're just repeating libtard talking points, Berger. Gays already have civil unions. It's enough. The hoopla surrounding the idea of same sex marriage is nothing but a spectacle of exhibitionism and vacuous emotional processing. Gays aren't being denied anything really. What the authors of this movement want is to make inroads in their continuing battle to force their flights of fancy on the rest of us. I for one don't want to live according to the whims of a bunch of bored, petulant narcissists.

Let them have hobbies!


"Marriage" is not the Left's to redefine. Marriage is a Sacrament of The Church.

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