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June 12, 2012


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I’d like to know who’s behind this. Who paid for pushing this idea? It seems to me that property taxes serve another function besides revenue and that is stopping the very rich from owning ungodly amounts of land and just sitting on it. I don’t want to see a situation where most of the land has been bought up by the rich and the well-to-do, and the rest of us peasants really becoming “just renters”.

One other thing, you really should have some idea of how the tax structure should be adjusted before ending property taxes. You may find the law of unintended consequences kicking in.


It is simple really.. A primary residence is void of property tax. All other properties, those deemed commercial and those as rentals, vacation or other are taxed. We should have the right to a primary residence that we truly own, but enter HOA.. Don't pay the fee, lien on your home. We have created an incredible storm for ourselves, but one that can be weathered.


There are those, who shall remain nameless, who propose that all shared benefits, roads, etc. could be payed for by private initiative. Of course we'd have to be half alive and awake to figure out exactly what it is "we" should have a share in.

Then again we could keep the same system whereby the local government figures out how much property tax the locals will bear, then provides all kinds of exotic electives in the local high schools that keep 10 to 20 students per school from dropping out after 10th grade.

@ Dale the Naif

Also, I don't think property taxes dissuade the insanely rich from owning insane amounts of property. Just as fees per transaction don't keep them off e-trade, etc.

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