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June 12, 2012


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Robert Berger

Same old right-wing B.S. Sure, some Democratic politicians in Washington have behaved terribly, but are the Repoublcans there all such paragons of virtue and squeaky clean? Are you kidding ? More than a few have fathered illegitimate children, been serial adulterers , have frequented prostitutes and call girls and had sex with underaged teenagersmale and female.
And more than a few of these Bible-thumping pols who constantly fulminate against homosexuals and homosexuality are closeted gays themselves. At least Barney Frank is honest enough to admit being gay ! As usual, the pot is calling the kettle black.


The difference is that the Right looks to and aspires to a standard while the Left denies a standard, altogether, and calls the standard-bearers intolerant hypocrites.

Try reviewing Duke's article with an open-mind. It's undoubtedly one of your best virtues... or rather, values.

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