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November 10, 2012


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It will be worth it to them because women can now keep their legs open like they wanted and other people will have to pay for it. Not to mention if they "forget" it, they can just kill the baby and keep on being the little tramps they are.

Women should never be trusted with anything.


It's funny, but what these women allow men to do to them they are doing to our society through their votes.


James, your mother should obviously not have been trusted with raising you! #misogyny Yep...rhetoric like this is the PERFECT prescription for a 2014 Republican victory. Just keep talkin'....

Susan Benton

Started w/today's column - then saw this. You are right, Ann Coulter is right. But what do we do about it? I'm a woman but I use facts, logic and reason. Most women are vote like they are still 14 (men are better, but I still don't want 18 year olds voting).

Maybe we could raise the voting age - but how?

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