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March 28, 2013


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Greg Willers

You've got my vote!


A dream come true. This would drive the social engineers government into apoplexy. The progressive would be scrambling to derail this individual. The modern American (1890 to present) would see what the founding father wanted for this county. The individual would be able to grow in self worth, intellectual freedom and spiritual life.

Robert Berger

Selyn, I wouldn't want to live in any state where you were the governor . I would sooner vote for a pile of manure than for you in any political office. You would cause nothing but ruin ,promote bigotry, hatred, injustice, and increase poverty ,unemployment and crime with your idiotic policies .Keep your day job .

Philip France

"You would cause nothing but ruin ,promote bigotry, hatred, injustice, and increase poverty ,unemployment and crime with your idiotic policies ."

That is exactly what is resulting because of left wing lunatics like you. Your comments are as blatant a case of psychological projection as I have ever seen.

Grow up or shut up.

PS After Selwyn's election, I will immediately relocate to his state. How about sending this article to the 50 U.S. governors?

Robert Berger

Good, Phil, locate to Selwyn's state. You would be stupid enough to do this. I'm not a left-wing extremist or lunatic. In fact, I'm pretty moderate by normal political standards. But you're not a conservative at all . You're a right-wing extrmeist Neanderthal , retrogressive fascist ignoramus and theocrat . .
Idiots like you will be the downfall of America . Don't trust Selwyn Duke, who is actually a member of the idiot antediluvian John Birch society . That's like believing in a flat earth .


Nice fantasy, but the federales are ALREADY in each state. They'd wind up putting YOU behind bars, rather than the other way around.

Selwyn Duke

I must interject here since the above poster has said something that is untrue. I am not a member of the John Birch Society. While my articles have appeared the JBS's website, they also appear at a multitude of others, and this doesn't imply membership of any kind, anywhere.

The last thing I'll say is that the JBS has been unfairly maligned, as what defines it more than anything else is constitutionalism. Nonetheless, I would not become a member, partially, but not completely, because I'm not a conspiracy theorist and I do part company with them on some other issues as well.

As for you, Mr. Berger, you may express whatever opinions you like here, but I won't allow you to tell outright lies as you have above. Thus, while I'll let your comment stand a little longer so that others may see what has transpired, the untrue part of it will be deleted in the near future.


What do you mean? I thought the Earth was flat!

Robert Berger

Alright, I apoplogize if I said you were a member of the John Birch society . I was mistaken.
But that does not excuse the unbelievably stupid things you say on your website .To be fair, they're no worse than many other right-wingers . But what I said abpout you being a member of the JB society was a factual error, not a lie .

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