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March 18, 2013


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Robert Berger

I agree with Selwyn about how wrong laws regulating food and beverages we consume are, but right-wingers like him hypocritically approve of laws which are far,far worse, such as DOMA, which is snothing but a smokescreen for homophobic bigotry , and which jus topens up the slippery slope toward th egovernment taking more and more rights away from gay Americans, and ultimately toward persecuting them.
Also, laws requiring women seeking abortions to undergo trans-vaginal probes and ultrasound, which are a gross violation of theirlaw rights, laws making contraceptives illegal , laws allowing censorship of books, films,magazines, websites, etc which SOME people find offensive sexually ,ewtc.
Laws requiring women to give birth to children conceive din rape or incest, or to be denied an abortion even if their lives or health were in danger.
Or laws requiring students to participate in Christina prayer and Bible readings even if they were atheists or agnostics, or came from non-christian homes etc. Bloomberg's laws are nothing compared to these .

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