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March 21, 2013


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Ed Nieter

Love your work, bro. As a 74 year old observer of cultural relativity, I feel quite confident in declaring you absolutely right.

J.E. Sneed

I've sometimes thought of this, and I keep returning to the concept of traditional and popular storytelling in American media. BY FAR, the overwhelming blockbuster themes and plotlines of most "action" media and art is Good Guys vs. Bad Guys. And which one's victories make for better stories? It seems to me that the typical narrative ends with the good guys prevailing over crime/evil, etc.. So my question would be: "what does this indicate of our society's intentions and morals?" Do we normally prefer the "good guys" to win, even if it involves VIOLENCE? I would say "yes". - peace

James Izen

Mr Sneed's observation is important, but the missing piece is "just who do we consider a good guy?" In the days of cowboys in white hats versus those in black hats, the good guys were archetypically "good." But today's moral relativism allows for the classification of much more nefarious characters as the good guy. Consider Tony Soprano, husband, father, regular guy, and brutal mob boss. Or Jax Teller (of Sons of Anarchy) who uses violent Machiavellian means to try and get his motorcycle club out of the "bad business" of running drugs, and simply focused on the "good businesses" of gun-running, prostitution, and pornography production.

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