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June 12, 2013


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Philip France

Great column, Mr. Duke!

If you have not done so already, you might enjoy a book entitled "What to Expect When No One's Expecting: America's Coming Demographic Disaster" by Jonathan V. Last. I found it most intruiging.

Robert Berger

Selwynduke is not only a rabid homophobe, but an equally rabid misogynist . Dofficult social and eocnomic conditions have made it absolutely necessary for many women to be the breadwinners.
To see this as causing disaster for society is beyond idiotic . Women should be free to go into whatever field they choose and earn a good living .
Selwyn's mind, if you can even call it a mind, is still stuck in the distant past when supposedly everything in America was hunky dory because all the men were good fathers who brought home the bacon and women all stayed at home raising the children . Poppycock !
Selwyn is a sexist creep who does not want women to have their own careers , to be free to control their bodies,lives and futures and wants them to be ruled by a primitive Old Testament patriarchy .
He's not aconservative ; he's a backward ignoramus ,Neanderthal and dinosaur. Actually ,it's an insult to those ancient,long vanished Neanderthals to call him one, because they were no doubtr much nicer people and far more intelligent .Sheesh !

Philip France

Robert the Reprobate,

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. You are less correct than an inanimate object. Why do you continue to demonstrate your ignorance and empty-headedness here? There are plenty of your fellow morons at the Daily Kos and Huffpost that would be delighted to hear from you. No one that comes to this site earnestly to read the erudite and eloquent wisdom of Selwyn Duke does not.


Everyone, not no one Philip.


Mr Duke,
Well done sir.
Respondentes autem quidam scribarum dixerunt magister bene dixist.


The only women interested in sex equality are those longing to be men.
A woman happy to be so never, ever will try to supplant a man in whatever role the man is playing.
We tend to be more rigid, vindictive, autocratic and rude than men when we are in positions of power. It is so until we have in front of us a man who refuses to conform to our petty mandates. Immediately we recognize him as a real man and our demeanor change to one of respect and subtle sexual attraction.
We can be effective collaborators, helpers and enablers for the men in power, but we cannot be good leaders.
There are exceptions, of course, but those are just that, exceptions.
And, please men, stop being "sensitive"! The so-called "sensitivity" is just a miserable excuse for the shameful lack of true manhood and chivalry.

Philip France


Have you heard the Spanky & Our Gang song "Like to Get to Know You"?

All the best,



No, I haven't. Sorry.
All the best to you too.


I must say I do understand how a woman of so little intelligence could assume her sex to be so entirely inferior, if she believes the rest to be of such limited abilities as herself, that is. Please remember dear, your own inferiority in intellect and reason does not, in fact, reflect the collective abilities of womankind as a whole. It is rather ironic though, that as you so forcefully declare the inferiority of women, you sound so completely like a domineering man, in not only your ignorant ideology, but in your aggressive tone and erroneous assumptions as well. And so, perhaps you have done us no disservice after all, in aligning yourself with the men. It seems you have not only spared us the embarrassment of association, but have also served as a fairly humorous reminder of the asinine nature of the men whom you extol.

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