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July 17, 2013


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The jewel in the crown is the mantra that conservatives are morons.
And they really believe it!

 Robert Berger

Right-wingers have said countless truly idiotic things ,too. Remember that brainless little fart Todd kin and "legitimte rape"? And the moronic claim tht women who are raped rarely get pregnant becuse th ebody has ways of "shutting down" during a rape, despite the fct that about 30,000 pregnancies yer are the result of rape ?
Or the anti-gay bigots who claim that all or most homosexuals are child molesters, despute the fact that most child molestation is by HETEROSEXUALS ? Or the idiotic claim that homosexuals "recruit" chil;dren into homosexuality ? Or that gays are using public schools to "recruit " kids into homosexuality , and that the attempt of our schools to tech tolernce of gay people is "indoctrination"?
This is just the tip of the iceberg of imbecilic statements made by right-wingers in America .

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