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July 03, 2013


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Yes, it's beyond 'bordering' on absurd, it is. I agree, we all do need to conform to societies' just norms -- a point not lost on many people, just severely misplaced. For example Alan Colmes on O'Reilly, who insists racist remarks are a double standard but rightfully so. He defends it by talking about the white power structure. Racist remarks are racist and condoned and justified, based on 'who' says it.

While those remarks are patently offensive from certain (white) people, they should actually be embraced, encouraged and accepted by say blacks or Hispanics. And it would not be politically correct to criticize the education of either.

Which reminds me of the habit of speaking for other groups of people. Obviously, Colmes (like Rachel) can get away with it yet a conservatives could not. Even though a conservative could be referring to similarities, while Leftists usually speak to differences. And you know, if you sprinkle your language with the words "social justice" a lot, you can say a lot of things without risking offense.

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