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September 24, 2013


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Robert Berger

This is disgusting pack of lies ! Nothing but rumor, innuendo, mindless fear-mngering and pseudo science . Fact : The vast majority of gay men are NOT pedophiles, and to equate homosexulity with pedophilia is FALSE .
Fact: Most child molesters are HETEROSEXUAL , and a child has a far greater chance of being molested by a heterosexual than a homosexual . The sick urge to molest children has NOTHING to do with sexual preference .
The claim that having gay characters on television undermines morality in children or adults and will "make them gay " is idiotic .
Nothing can "make you gay " if you are not and nothing can stop you from being gay if you are .
Like it or not Selwyn, there is absolutely no way we can go back ot the bad old days when gay people lived in fear of being discovered nd losing their jobs , and when blackmailing of gays was common , and when gays were routinely sent to mental institutions for "therapy" to "cure" them of their homosexuality. This included brutal electric shock "therapy" and even lobotomies .
No such thing as homophobia ? Oky, then I guess ther's no such thing as racism and anti-semitism, either . The Nazis were just a bunch of prinicpled German guys who didn't like Jews, nd the KKK are nothing but a bunch of good old boys who don't like blacks . Give me a break ! I'm not gay myself ; I just loathe bigotry against gay people .

Philip France

"And while some would argue that the character was created to make the show cutting edge rather than to manipulate hearts (and, of course, both could have been motivations), it certainly made for ingenious propaganda."

It is indeed propaganda. In his brilliant book, "Primetime Propaganda: The True Story of How The Left Took Over Your TV", author Ben Shapiro discloses that "Soap" series ran for ten years and never ONCE had an episode that turned a profit.

Selwyn, I commend you once again for your august wisdom and your inimitable gift for expressing it.


Incest and bestiality are almost here, as well.
It's just a matter of time until they are accepted as homosexuality is, openly practiced and "scientifically" backed.

Robert Berger

Don't like TV shows with gay characters ? Don't watch them ! Nobody is forcing you to do this .
You can forbid your kids to watch them if you insist,even though this is idiotic. It won't "make them gay ". And if any of your kids do turn out to be gay , it won't be because of shows on television . Homosexuality has existed from the very beginning of humanity, and always will .
TV has only been around since the 1950s . And yes, there were plenty of gay people back then .


You are one sick dog, Berger! Pervophiles (i.e. lovers of perverts)like you are an absolute danger to society...particularly the youth. Homomaniacs (those obsessed with promoting homos/lesbians) like Obama, Cameron, Hollande...and you, are overtly promoting homo/pedophile perverts by your verbal support for such low-life. Gore vidal (as the Daily Mail puts it) was a “globe-trotting paedophile who preyed on underage boys.” And there are many like him today. You are deliberately ignoring the truth due to your homomania.

Tony Stark

"Fact: Most child molesters are HETEROSEXUAL"

Can you cite a source for this? More to the point: most people, in general, are heterosexuals, so mathematically it just makes sense that there'd be more heterosexual child-molesters than homosexual ones, though I rather doubt that that's the case. Even if it were, though, what would be most telling is whether the rate of pedophilia is higher among homosexuals, among heterosexuals, or near parity for both groups.

Also, I think you're missing the point of this article. The position being advanced here isn't that homosexuals themselves are all secretly pedophiles. The point is that the various sophistries used to bring our society from a position of virtually universal recognition that homosexuality evil to the position it's in today, where significantly many (I'm guessing including yourself) consider it harmless, put us on a trajectory that is leading us into changing our attitudes about other evil behaviors, to which those same sophistries can also be applied.

Tony Stark

edit: should be "that homosexuality IS evil"

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