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November 27, 2013


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The communists who are totaly athiests pursicuted christians big time and esocialy Lennin,Stalin,Mao,Kruschev and Castro persicuted christians and now were seeing it happening here in america a nation founded by christians fleeing a king who forced his own relegion upon them I mean when they once used terms like BC and AD they now use BCE(Before Common Era)and CE(Common Era)and banning kids from wearing crosses and roserie beads while allowing Pentigrams and Star and cresents soon theyll ban preists from crossing themselves and babtisims while allowing the clenched fist of Communism salute We were warned of this communists by Joe McCarthy back in the 1950s Its time to heed his warnings

Robert Berger

"The coming persecution of Christians in America "? Don't make me laugh . There is no persecution of Christians in America by non-christians or our government . Nor will there be .
What "persecution"?
On the contrary, it's CHristians (certainly not all of them) who are trying to persecute non-christians and turn this country into a much more theocratic nation . They want to impose school prayer and Bible readings , even for kids who are not from Christian families, despite the fact that there are so many kids in schools from Jewsih, Muslim,Hindu, Buddhist, etc fmilies, as well as ones whose parents are atheists and agnostics .
Public schools are places for TEACHING, not preaching . Church and private homes are the places for prayer, not schools . And if they'[re going to return prayer to schools, why not have Jewish,Muslim,Hindu and Buddhist prayer too, as well as allowing atheist kids to affirm thei rbelief in no god ?
We also cannot allow the government to deny rights to and persecute gay people just because Christians "disapprove" of homosexuality . America is NOT a theocracy and the founding fathers never intended for it to be one . Not a theocracy -YET !

Philip France

The inevitable trajectory of the God-rejecting and (especially) Christ-denying reprobates such as Robert Berger and the publis acceptance of the homosexual agenda and the mortifying support for the murder of human babies in their mother's womb will lead to tyranny.

The only circumstance that can thwart this is a massive Judeo/Christian revival. It is how our nation was founded and it is only how our nation can be saved.

What is most ironic is that useful idiots such as Robert Berger will be the ones who will suffer the most.

Robert Berger

Phil France, the only "homosexual agenda " is to be treated fairly and decently by society and not to be persecuted by the government. Gay people are NOT a "threat to society or children", contrry to what you've been hoodwinked into believing .
What do you want , Phil ? To have gay people treated like the Jews in Germany by Hitler just because yuou stupidly "disapprove" of homosexuality ?
Fetuses are not "babies ". If we want to prevent abortion in America , we must prevent more unwanted pregnancies and see to it that poor women are able to provide for their children .
There is no other way to prevent abortion. Just making it ilegal as conservatives want won't stop abortion any more than Prohibition stoppe d alcohol consumption . Women will just go to dangerous back-alley abortionists and many of them will DIE .
Our nation was not founded on Judeo-Christian principles, whatever those are. It was founded on religious freedom for ALL Americans, whether Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists or agnostics, or whatever . Your empty rhetoric is nothing but a smokescreen for turning Anerica into a Christian theocracy, which is exactly what the founding fathers were opposed to .
I don't "reject" Jesus , because there is no proof that he ever existed . I'm an agnostic, not an atheist . If he ever existed, he was just a human being like the rest of us, not the "son of god" sent to "redeem " mankind .


"Fetuses are not "babies"" No, and patients are not persons. You just change the name and they become a different thing altogether. Is not so, Robert?
" Women will just go to dangerous back-alley abortionists and many of them will DIE ." What about self-restraint, self-respect and moral principles, all teachings of the Christian faith? Are you implying that we women are unable to show those moral traits? Are you saying the only way to save us of our own stupidity and lack of character is to legalize the killing of the unborn babies?
There is no a Christian theocracy lurking around the corner only contained by the brave atheist left. But the prospect of said theocracy is too attractive for propaganda purposes to give it up. We Christians know that's rubbish, but the useful idiots (a.k.a. agnostics) need something to believe in, and that's it.

Robert Berger

Christina, making abortion illegal again will no more "stop" abortion that Prohibition stopped
people from drinking alcohol . It's not a question of "restrain". Most of the women who have abortions are poor married women who can't afford to provide for children .Adopting all unwanted children is impossible.
How about seeing to it that children are provided for once they are born ? That would prevent many,many abortions. And making sure that contraceptives are always available .
More abortions happen in countries where it's illegal than where it's legal .
What do YOU care about children once born ? You probbly support hypocritical right-wing pols
who don't want abortion to be legal yet who vote to eliminate food stamps and other help for poor children . Abortion is the result of POVERTY , not immorality .
And do you support the civil rights of fetuses which grow up to be gay ? Probably not .
The coming "persecution" of Christians in America ? Poppycock ! You're dead wrong. The threat of Christian theocracy here is genuine. I'm not anti-christian - I'm anti-theocracy, or anything which brings this nation closer to it .


“Christina, making abortion illegal again will no more "stop" abortion that Prohibition stopped
people from drinking alcohol” You are completely right on this, Robert. It is the moral teaching what will stop the plague of baby killing in America.
" Most of the women who have abortions are poor married women who can't afford to provide for children .Adopting all unwanted children is impossible."
Robert, you are joking, right? The unmarried woman have all the resources to her disposal to rise as many children as she wants. I know many of them that have children as a way of live.
Married women do not abort their children as easily as single women do. So, dear, stop defending the indefensible.
It is possible to adopt all the "unwanted" children, Robert. Otherwise, all your leftist representative are hypocritical when they exhibit their Asian or African-born children. Certainly they are very progressive, and nice, and compassionate (Hollywood is a nest of them, isn't it?), but they are not honest. They are hypocrites of the first order.
Charity starts at home.
"Abortion is the result of POVERTY , not immorality ." "More abortions happen in countries where it's illegal than where it's legal ." So there are more abortions in the USA than in Peru? Not in brute numbers, mind you, but in relative numbers according to population? I doubt it!
"And do you support the civil rights of fetuses which grow up to be gay ? Probably not ." Wrong again, Robert. I support the civil (?) rights (supposed those rights are the same that black people claimed in the past, of course) of the tiny minority of those fetuses that will be homosexuals. I'm not in favor of prosecuting homosexuals just for being so. I'm against the public exhibition of these preferences. I'm against the teaching of homosexual behaviours to children as is it is a normal behaviour. I'm against of teaching children that being man and woman is optional and interchangeable. I'm against of teaching children that what they feel and think is contingent to social norms, mobiles and capricious according to social and political trends.
"The threat of Christian theocracy here is genuine." Proves, please.…….

Robert Berger

Public schools are trying to teach kids that bigotry toward gay people is WRONG . They are not trying to "make" kids gay, which is impossible anyway . All over this country, gay people are subject to discrimination, hatred, vicious lies and disinformtion about them , and even violence and murder at times .
Christian kids are subject from childhood to negative propaganda bout gay people from preachers and their parents . Schools are trying to counteract this appalling indoctrination .
Brazil is a poor country and the world's laregest Catholic nation, and abortion is illegal there.Yet every year ,more abortions happen than in the US . The Brazilian government has never been able to enforce the law . Yet in the prosperous countries of western Europe amd Scandinavia, where there is littlew poverty and a secure social safety net , you find the world's LOWEST abortion rates .
The supposedly wicked, godless, permissive, hedonistic Netherlaands is the country with thye world's LOWEST abortion rate .
Fact - the more poverty in a country , the more abortions. The less poverty, the fewer abortions .

Robert Berger

Proof of the threat of Christian theocracy ? Have you been living in cave for the past 30 or 40 years, Cristina ? Just listen to religious wackos like Pat Robertson, John Hagee , the late Paul Crouch , James Dobson and all those cockamaie televangelists and prominent members of the religious right. They use code words like "America is a Christian nation founded on Judeo-Christian values",
"there is no such thing as separation of church and state ", "traditional values", the snctity of marriage , the sanctity of life, "taking America back", "Protecting marriage ", the "gay agenda ",
and all that garbage . Sounds great on the surface, but these are just code words for giving Christianity too much power in government. Religion and government are always a deadly mix .
PLease read this book by Rabbi James Rudin called "The Baptizing of America ". It's a sober expose of
the dangers posed by the religious righ tin America . And see the disturbing documentary "Jesus Camp", which exposes brainwshing of children by the religious right in summer camps .


Netherlands: Abortion rate = 10.4 (2004)
Brazil: Abortion rate = 0.0 (Excludes abortion in private-sector clinics) (2003)
Source: UNdata United Nations Statistics Division
I’m not sure if you know what to do with this information, but here it goes, anyway.
Abortion rate in some developed countries: Source UNdata United Nations Statistics Division.
USA - 20.8 (2003), Sweden - 20.2 (2005), Australia - 19.7 (2003), New Zealand- 19.7 (2005), U.K. - 17.0 (2005), France - 16.9 (2002), Canada - 15.2 (2003), Denmark - 14.3 (2005)
On the other hand, for “developing” countries: Source UNdata United Nations Statistics Division.
Poland - 0.0 (2004), Panama - 0.0 (2000), Mexico - 0.1 (2003), Portugal - 0. 2 (2002), Qatar - 1.2 (2004), India - 3.1 (2001), South Africa - 4.5 (2000), Uzbekistan - 7.8 (2004)


Robert, I’ve been living in the world much more than what you, and almost everybody else here, could imagine. And I’ll tell you something. I do not believe in “code words” deciphered by illuminated minds like yours. I believe in simple words that allow a straightforward communication amongst simple people. If a televangelist, none of whom I listen, ever, says those “code words”, they are a concern for people like you, unable to express clear ideas with simple words.
For people like me, when they say that America was founded on Judeo-Christian values, when they defend the sanctity of life and marriage, and they stresses the idea of non-separation of State and Church, they are simply reaffirming my own convictions. Not because I’d like that ridiculous theocracy that so much terrify you, but because we are in dire need of men, and some women if they prove their mettle, of true faith willing to take back our government and institutions from the progressive hordes that keep us hostages of their utopian nightmare. We desperately need Christian men and women teaching our children true Christian doctrine through their words and their lives, public and private. In sum, we need a Christian faith revival if we want to save our country and keep it as it was conceived by our Founders.

Robert Berger

Your statistics on abortion are ocmpletely bogus, and you have been hoodwinked by them .
No abortion in Brazil , a country teeming with desperate;ly poor people ? Ha Ha Ha Ha !
It's rampant there ! And in the predominantly Catholic Phillipines .
Utopian nightmare of the progressives ? ROFLOL ! What the heck are "Judeo-Christin values?"
Denying rights to gay people and persecuting them ? Forcing poor women to gop to dangerous
back-alley abortionists ?
Forcing kids to pray the Christian way in school and sit through bible readings even if they are
atheists ? You'[re blind to the facts . The religious right IS trying to impose a Christian
theocracy on this nation ,or something dangerously close to it.
Of course, by no means ALL Christians want one, but too many want US lw to be based on THEIR religious
beliefs . As I've said before, I'm not anti-christian , and am not opposed to people following Christianity per se. But I am opposed to the dangerous mixture of religion and politics .


"Your statistics on abortion are ocmpletely bogus, and you have been hoodwinked by them ."
Robert, why, oh why are you blaspheming? I mean, now you are messing with that sacrosanct bastion of progressivism called United Nations. You are supposed to be ad finem fidelis.
You are not against me, just against what defines me, what makes me be what I am. Yes, definitively we could have a very entertained marriage.

Robert Berger

I'm no fan of the UN . It's corrupt as hell , but we can't get rid of it. Cristina , who in America is persecuting you for being a Christian ? Who is telling you you can't attend church or speak your opinions about religion ? NO ONE ! Certainly, I would never want to "persecute" Christians in this country or interfere with their practice of their religion or tell them they cannot go to church on Sundays .


"Who is telling you you can't attend church [...]" No one. Nobody can, actually.
"[...] or speak your opinions about religion ?" Everybody, Robert.
When I first arrived in America from a place "the name of which I have no desire to call to mind", I received a motley set of rules about proper behaviour in the country from family members and friends. At the very top of the enumeration was, precisely, thou shalt not talk religion or politics with nobody. Since then, in subtle ways, or not too so, I've received the unequivocal message that Christianism in general, and Catholicism in particular, is a stigma I have to live with and to be ashamed of. And all of this in the land of freedom.

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