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November 12, 2013


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Robert Berger

Like millons of other sensible ,sane, rational and fair-minded Americns, I m profoundly relieved that the bigoted, hateful, fanatical madman posing as a politician named Ken Cuccineli lost the election for governor of Virginia .
And his running mate, E.W. Jackson (actually jackass )was even worse . These two belong in a mental insitution, not politics . They are the worst kind of politicians , namely theocrats .
They are not conservatives, but members of the Christian Taliban . They are vicious homophobic bigots. Cuccinelli wanted to outlaw "sodomyy". Politicians who are determined to put the government, the law, and the police in the bedrooms of Americans have no business running for ny political office .
Who appointed these two vile bastards official U.S. busybododies with the right to stick their slimy little noses into the bedrooms of the people of Virginia ?

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