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December 19, 2013


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Philip France

GLAAD: Gays and lesbians against any and all DISAGREEMENT. These sodomites conflate truth with hate.

Outstanding article Selwyn. When are you going to publish a book? I am prepared to pre-pay for it at this very moment.

Philip France

I just read the article about beastiality that Selwyn linked to his column. Michele Bachmann and the Christian Right have been vindicated (as though any vindication were actually necessary)!

PS Some reader comments were also quite troubling.

Robert Berger

What a load of you-know-what . Nobody is being "silenced" by gay rights activists, least of all that jerk Phil Robertson. He had every right to say what he did, but A7E had every right to suspend his program . The first amendment does not say your employer cannot fire you if it disagress with something you said . It says the government cannot persecute you for free speech .
Right-wing jerks like Selwyn and Phil France don't want gay people to fight for THEIR rights .
They think it's perfectly okay for gay people to be fired from their jobs merely for being gay, which is still legal in many US states, and for them not to be allowed to serve in the military,
join the Boy Scouts etc, or to get married, adopt children etc, possibly even not be allowed to teach in public schools .
Robertson is reaping his bad Karma for making a fool of hismelf in GQ . If he can make bigoted
statements about gay people, others, gay or straight, have the right to criticize him harshly. This harsh criticim is NOT "political coreectness." It is the RIGHT THING TO DO . Bigotry is bigotry .
Homophobes can dish it out ,but they can't take it.

Robert Berger

What if some celebrity on a reality show sponsored by a conservtive religious network had made comments saying that homosexuality is NOT sin , and that homophobia is thre true "abomination," and that what the Bible says about it is nothing but ancient superstition and poppycock , and that gay people should be left alone, allowed to marry , serve in the military, join the Boy Scouts, etc ?
And what if the employer had fired HIM for stating HIS liberal views ?
Would Selwyn Duke have su[pported him and his right to frees speech and demand the employer reinstate him ? I doubt it . Selwyn is total hypocrite .
His homophobic statements here are actually far more vicious and bigoted than what Phil Robertson said . But I support Selwyn's right to say what he did, as despicable as his comments are .

Philip France


If you are responding to me, don't waste your time. I stopped reading your comments last June. You are abjectly and perversely wrong on every count and your comments are hopelessly predictable.

You commenting here is as though you were to enter a large cathedral at a crowded mass and stand at the center of the altar and masturbate. No one wants to see it, but you insist on proceding anyway.

Go away.

Dismayed in Texas

Great article, Selwyn. I'm a nonpracticing member of at least one of those other hell-bound groups mentioned by Phil Robertson and was not the least bit offended at being reminded. Of course I recognize the behavior as being at odds with leading a good life whether you are religious or not.

As for the nonstop coverage since Phil outed himself as a Bible reader, it's ridiculous. I was wondering if, somewhere between Communist News Network and Fascist News Network, a cable news channel friendly to the views of conservative Americans actually exists.

Selwyn Duke

Hi, Philip,

Thanks for responding again and for the kind words. I actually have two books in the pipeline. One is already completed except for illustrations, but it has nothing to do with matters of import. The other book has everything to do with such matters, but, owing to how lazy I am, I haven't completed it yet. But, with God's help, hopefully soon.

God bless,

Selwyn Duke

Philip France


Please alert me immediately when either book is available for purchase.

God bless.


Is this the same Robert Berger that's been trolling this site for how many years? Maybe it's his twin or completely different person sharing the same name. Or not. Maybe it's the Robert Berger that's been showing how much of a fool he is.

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