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December 07, 2013


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Philip France

Excellent column but none of this surprises me. In fact, I do not believe that Barack Obama is Barack Obama. I believe that his real father is the late card-carrying Communist and pornographer Frank Marshall Davis. Do a Bing or Google image search using both names and compare the images for yourself. The resemblance of the American president to the Communist Davis is much closer than any possible resemblance to the Kenyan Obama.

During this image search you will also stumble upon photos of an underage Stanley Ann Dunham in the nude; photographs allegedly taken by Davis.


English is not my first language, obviously. It's not even my second language, but the fourth.
The way this inept man speaks in prove enough that he isn't the author of his opus magnum, another book, in my humble opinion. Written by Obama or by Ayers, is a very bad signal that this fictional biography has been sold as a great book. In two hundred years, who will read it, or any other of Ayer's books? And if anyone reads "Dreams from My Father" it will be as a cult book for a minority of useful idiots.

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