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December 18, 2013


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Jack Hatfield in 2016

He couldn't do it via video conferencing. They would fake technical difficulties and sabotage his efforts. It is also difficult to believe Oxford [and Cambridge] were both unaware of his banning and that they honestly hoped he would accept their invitations. Maybe they did hope he would accept and dare travel so that they could snicker as he no doubt would be arrested at the airport upon arrival, detained, spanked, then shipped back home like Geert W. was (remember that?). (Hopefully not shipped back home on a slow flying chinook helicopter.) They knew he was and still is banned, so why invite him? Maybe I'm being too cynical, Selwyn. But who has debated what at Oxford recently? Pelosi was there debating once - what does that say? This is the culture war at play here. And as sun tzu wrote, the first rule of war is deception. The debate invitation can't be what it seems. The leading academic institution of a suicidal England - a party of one, savage....I'll bet the former is the deceiver and the latter a truth teller. There is hope for Oxford though - Lev Navrozov's grandson is an enrolled student. Perhaps he can moderate the debate with his father and grandfather.

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