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January 22, 2014


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Robert Berger

You are a lying scoundrel, Selwyn. Cuomo is NOT "pro-abortion". He is "PRO-CHOICE . Like other pro-choicers, he has never tried to force women to have abortions. He just does not want the catastrophe of government-ordered compulsory childbirth imposed on this country .
Like all pro-choicers, Cuomo wants to PREVENT as many abortions as possible by seeing to it that contraceptives are always easily available to the poor and that poor pregnant women will get the help they need to provide for children.
But idiot anti-choicers like you don't give a you-know-what about children once they are born, and you don't want those fetuses which grow up to be gay to have any rights.
You anti-choicers could not care less if millions of poor people AND CHILDREN starve on the the streets. You don't give a *&%$# if poor women give birth to children who grow up in bject poverty, filth,hunger,malnutrition, lack of medical care and education . You just want to reduce women to baby-making machines .
Andrew Cuomo is an infinitely better man than you are, Selwyn Duke .You are NOT "pro-life". You are ANTI-CHOICE . Pro birth . AND YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN ! How dare you tell poor owmen what to do with their bodies and lives ?

Robert Berger

To call former NY governor Mario Cuomo, one of the greatest, wisest , most compassionate ,intelligent statesmen in US political history, a man who has more integrity in one cell of his body that the entire GOP has combined, is absolutely disgusting .
His son Andrew wss not LITERALLY calling for the expsulsion of right-wing people from NY state; he was merely using hyperbole .
It's disgustingly hypocritical the way right-wing jerks all over America are blasting Andrew Cuomo for exercizing HIS right to free speech after having supported and praised an ignorant , narrow-minded , intolerant and self-righteous Louisiana redneck moron named Phil Robertson for exercizing his right to free speech, too .
They want free speech for themselves, but not for liberals . And unlike Robertson, Selwyn Duke and other right-wing jerks, Andrew Cuomo has the decency to support the rights of gay Americans instead
of demonizing them and spreding vicious lies about homosexuals and homosexuality .

Philip France


Thank you for yet another highly articulate and pin-point accurate column. I stand with you on being more willing to be extremely right than extremely mainstream.

I did not read Robert Berger's remarks. I do not need to. I have read and studied the first chapter of St. Paul's epistle to the saints that are in Rome. His optic chiasma is inverted: he belives lies in spite of facts and truth. His commentary would be more welcome at the DailyKos or the Huffington Post.

Patrick in Michigan

A bit off topic, but, I just wanted you to know, that I have discovered your blog. I have added it to the blogroll here. Very nicely done sir.

Great article over on TNA BTW...

Your brother in Christ the Lord,


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