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January 21, 2014


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Robert Berger

Selowyn, there is no liberal "war on Christianity" .Liberals are just oppose dto the enormous amount of damage Christianity has done to America by closing the minds of countless Americans and turning them into ignorant, stupid, narrow-minded, intolerant and self-righteous jerks who are
incapable of thinking for themselves .
On the contrary ,it is CHRISTIANS, not all of them of cours,e who are waging a war agaist freedom in America . They are waging a vicious war against gay Americans and their rights, against reproductive rights for women , a war aginst the poor .etc. They have turned LBJ's war on poverty into the war
ON the poor .
Christians are waging a war against science and rationality , against the rights of young people in school to be free from forced Christian religious indoctrination of young people in schools,and that's just the tip of the iceberg .
As a liberal , I have no problem with Christians who are sane, rational, tolerant and reasonable people . But unfortunately, there don't seem to be mnay of these left in the U.S.
People in America have every right to be Christians and to worship as thewy choose .But they have
bsolutely NO RIGHT to interfere with the private lives of others or to violate their rights, which is exactly what so many are determined to do . They must be stopped !

Robert Berger

The so-called "homosexual lobby " was 100 % RIGHT to attack Phil Robertson for the stupid, ignorant and bigoted things he said . And I'm appalled by th espinelessness of A& E in returning his show to TV .
Robertson is already a multi -millionaire . Being dropped by A&E is no big deal for him.
He can easily put his show on another network . He had the right to say what he did, but remember-
"persecution". Liberals have the right ot free speech too .
Selwyn, you are a typical right-wing homophobic bigot who demonize=s the brave people who fight for the
rights of gay Americans, which are under attck by the dark forces of ignorance, stupidity, bigotry,hate, hypocrisy, backwardness and Christian fanaticism which threaten this country .


Wow, three hysterical comments in one day. You must be having your period.

Philip France

Good one, Jason. Berger's postings here are akin to him entering a crowded mass and masturbating on the altar. No one wants to see it and yet he oes it anyway.

He is a sick pervert that is morally bankrupt. Romans, chapter one, was written about him and others of his ideo-illogical ilk

Robert Berger

I'm a "sick pervert ?" ROFLOL! I'm just a run of the mill moderate liberal . But these days, anyone who is even a tiny bit less right-wing than Archei Bunker or Jesse Helms is seen as
a Marxist ,communist monster who wants to murder every Christian in this country .
Phil France is just a Bible-thumping inbred Hillbilly Neanderthal yahoo .

Philip France

Robert is wasting his time replying to me. I have not read any of his comments since last May or June. I do not need to tell him to go to hell because he well on his way.

Robert Berger

Sorry Phil France, I don't believe in hell . It's just a childish fairy tale used to frighten naive, ignorant and gullible people into blindly following the Christian clergy and filling their coffers with money .
I wouldn't want to go to a heaven filled with narrow-minded, intolerant, and self-righteous jerks like Phil France anyway . That would be more like a hell .
Trying to frighten people with hell is like frightening children with the boogey man if the don't behave .

Philip France


You seem to have an irrational fear of religious people when, in fact, it is YOU that is the religious fanatic.

Your religion is Leftism and you are a doctrinaire disciple. Look historically at the end result of your leftism: Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Pol Pot, Chavez, Mugabe.

You have more in common with these monsters than you have with Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Franklin (Ben, not Roosevelt).

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