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February 27, 2014


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Spurwing Plover

This is no longer education its brainwashing/indoctrination into the New World Order and Big Brother Time to return to Home Schooling and end cumpultary schooling

Robert Berger

Look who's talking about "indoctrination " ! There are self-righteous Christianidiots and ignoramuses all over this country who are determined to have our public schools teach children
creationism as scientific fact ! And millions of home schooling parents who indoctrinate their children with it .
These idiots are determined to teach ALL kids in school that the world is only 6,000 years old,
wss created in one week by an old man in the sky , that ADAM & Eve, a grden of Eden,a talking snake, a tree with forbidden fruit , Noah and his ark actually existed ,and that dinosaurs and humans
lived together ! They idiotically call evolution "a myth ". This is teachingkids to be total ignoramuses whose minds are still stuck back in the bronze age when the Old Testament was written .
This is the friggin' 21st century !
Sheesh ! You might as well teach kids that the world is flat, the sun revolves around the earth and the moon is actually made of green cheese ! And that Santa Claus & the tooth fairy actually exist !
This is not just indoctination, it's child abuse. Not physical ,but mental !
You have some colossl gall accusing public schools of "indoctrinating" kids .
Amd Victoria Jackson is a complete and utter Christian lunatic !

Philip France

Robert the Reprobate did not comment on Selwyn's previous column about "Why Obama is Uneducated" because he, himself, is just as uneducated.

During Stalin's reign of terror, he sent his agents into our institutions (primarily our higher education, our media and our State Department) to encourage the moral decay and socio-political idiocy that people like Robert Berger bitterly cling to.

Here is proof:

Robert Berger

Only an idiot like Phil France would compare Obama to Stalin . The Obama administration has nevercome even remotely close to running this country to the way Stalin and other communist dictators
have run Russia,China or other countries .
Obama is no more a communist than I am Godzilla .Phil France, get an education,get a brain,and GET A LIFE !!!!

I'm very impressed with your post. Especially your considerable use of the words ignoramuse, idiot and indoctrination. Quite telling if you ask me.

You just can't get enough of those words, can you? Your theological knowledge seems to be not only misguided, it is also quite sad. If you have read the bible in english (I seriously doubt this fact), you would be led to the 6000 year figure. However, as you may or may not know, the bible was not written in English. It was written in Hebrew and Aramaic (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament). Most people assume that the English words have the same meaning as the original languages in which the Bible was written and this is simply not the case. I'd be happy to outline these grammatical differences, but I'm fairly certain I'd be wasting my breath. If you care to do your own research, you may actually learn something useful.

There is one thing I am absolutely sure of. No man knows the age of man or the earth for certain. Not me, you, or even those unnamed scientist who you seem to put all of YOUR FAITH in.

Philip France

“A man without the proper use of the intellectual faculties of a man, is, if possible, more contemptible than even a coward, and seems to be mutilated and deformed in a still more essential part of the character of human nature.”

~ Adam Smith

There could not ever be a more fitting description of Robert Berger and those with him he is in agreement.


I wonder when those useful idiots Pink Floyd will write a song about it? I mean, I'm not gonna hold my breath.
The brainwashed can't faithfully write a song about brainwashing, can they?


The vacuum that will be left after Christianity is silenced will be filled with a horror so vast and all encompassing that
people like you will wish for the quaint old days when Bible readers helped forge the greatest republic in world history.

Roger Blough

You'll mourn Christianity when it's gone you stupid, stupid person. You'll beg for it's return, but you won't find it.

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