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May 27, 2014


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Philip France

“Let’s put aside for a moment the issue of homosexuality’s moral status; for argument’s sake, I’ll accept the supposition that homosexuality is the equivalent of heterosexuality.”

I, for one, do not accept this supposition, not even merely for argument’s sake.

As for the arguments with regard to concerns about pedophilia, one should be aware that pedophilia cuts both ways: a pedophile typically does not distinguish between male and female victims and pedophiles could be either a man or a woman (there seems to be a lot of female school teachers engaging in this crime of late).

The real concern is with regard to pederasty. Pederasts are male predators that victimize pre-pubescent adolescent boys. Many Nazi leaders, such as Ernst Rohm, were pederasts. The Nazi Brownshirts were comprised primarily of pederasts because of their proclivity for cruelty. It is also true that male homosexuals are considerably more promiscuous and indiscreet than male heterosexuals.

Life was better for most of humanity when homosexuals remained in their closets. Just ask Brendan Eich. How about Carrie Prejean? Or Phil Robertson? Or Dan Cathay? Or Craig James? Try Scott Savage.

Those who live in darkness fear the light and they respond and behave accordingly. Those that attacked the individuals cited above are the intolerant ones. The lesson of history is that homosexual males cannot be trusted in positions of leadership, especially among youth.

Robert Berger

Being homosexual is NOT the same thing as being a pedophile . In fact, the vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexual . Saying that all or even most gay men will automatically molest boys
is a idiotic as saying that all or most heterosexual men molest young girls .
If that were the case, I would have molested little girls by now, since I'm straight . But I most certainly have not .


Uhhhhh.....I think that was part of the question in the article. You know? Why shouldn't men be allowed to lead girl scout troops seeing that all things are "equal".

And where is this pedophile statistic you always mention? Are we talking per capita or just straight numbers (hehe no pun intended)?

Dmitry Chernikov

The Scouts is a private organization and from the libertarian point of view should be able to set its own policies as it sees fit.

No "lawsuit" against the Scouts that impinged on their property rights would succeed in a free society.

As long as these rights are aggressed against by the government (such as the government judges), there will be in society neither justice nor peace.

Homosexuals are also free to create their own homosexual scouts organizations and organize them as they please, even advertising wild gay orgies, if that's what they are interested in.

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