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May 19, 2014


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Philip France

Being on the left means never having to say that you are wrong (i.e. anthropogenic global warming, silicone breast implants, second-hand smoke) or that you are sorry (i.e. the millions of innocents murdered in the USSR, in China, in Vietnam and Cambodia; and the millions killed from Malaria in Africa because of the phony DDT scare).

My son was recently amused by the clobbering (by me) of a liberal acquaintance. Afterward, he asked me, “How do you know so much?”. I replied, “That’s easy. Whatever position the Left takes, the opposite is true. Every time. In fact, the issues that they are most passionate about are the positions that they are most wrong about”.

I believe that it was the reptilian agitator Saul Alinsky who said (I’m paraphrasing), “The issue (global warming, the environment, gun control) is never the issue. It is always about the Revolution (i.e. the forfeiture of freedom and a free-market economy in favor of socialist totalitarianism).

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