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June 19, 2014


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Philip France

I have two questions:

1. What good has this woman done of any kind?

2. Why is she not in an orange jumpsuit?

Robert Berger

This story has been revealed to be just another right-wing pack of lies . Today's conservative
"reporters" care NOTHING for fairness or accuracy . They will do anything to make any liberal democratic politician look bad , and millions of ignorant , gullible and poor;ly educated Americans
swallow their every lie, distortion & half truth hook,line, and sinker .Just like yokels gawking at the fraudulent wares of a snake oil salesman .
The guy she defended may have been a despicable low life, but everyone who is accused of a
crime is entitled to a lawyer . Someone had to, and Hillary took the job. This is not reprehensible in and of itself .
What good has Hillary Clinton done ? I don't have the space to describe it. Phil France, you want her in jail just because you despise her . You are an ignorant, bone-headed , narrow-minded , intolerant and self-righteous jerk !
You no doubt support idiot women politicians like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann , neither of whom has done anything but talk and behave idiotically , unlike Hillary .

Philip France

Robert is a communist but he is too much of an ignoramus to realize it. The following link are Communist goals for corrupting Americans that was entered into the Congressional record in 1963. Robert has fallen for every single one of them.


"What good has Hillary Clinton done ? I don't have the space to describe it"
No need to describe the good things she has done. Just list them, Robert. Not all, just a few. One at least?
Now I have a question for you, Robert. As a good liberal, you have a highly educated and scientific vision of everything. For you, is there any conservative woman that is not a complete idiot?

Philip France

"Highlyeducated and scientific vision?" I trust that you do not say this with a straight face. His vision is indoctrinated and fascistic. Why else would he spew his vomit and flatulence at an otherwise august web page?


They, the progressive-liberal-communist men, see themselves as I stated before.

Robert Berger

Phil France, if you think I'm a "communist ", you don't even know what communism is . I'm a LIBERAL ! Liberalism is the exact opposite of communism . Communists are not liberals and liberals are not communists .
Lenin, Stalin , Mao Zedong, Pol Pot & Ho Chi Minh were totalitarian dictators, not "liberals ".
You, Phil France, are not a "conservative ". Suposedly, conservatism means wanting to preserve the best of the past .
But people like you want to go back to the WORST of the past -and then some . You're retrogressive, theocratic fascist barbarians.

Robert Berger

Phil, I've seen what you posted here before . It's a pack of lies . Communism is dead . Dead as a fish on the beach . There are no communists any more .
The communist party of the US is a tiny and utterly powerless organization . There is about as much chance of America becoming another totalitarian communist dictatorship as a chimpanzee writing a book on economics .
The REAL threat to freedom in America comes from the GOP, which has been hijacked by the religious right , which is the Christian Taliban . Ignorant, gullible jerks like you have been hoodwinked by
the religious right , and you are shills for an organization which is trying to turn this proudly secular & multi-religious nation into an evangelical Christian theocracy and totalitarian police state which would not be much better than the Islamic theocracies of the middle east .
Mainstream , sane, rational , tolerant and reasonable Christians are not the dangerous ones -it's the extremist Christians who are a grave threat to freedom in America .

Philip France

Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! Take your vomit and flatulence where it is welcome, you moron. No one here agrees with you and we all agree that you see issues and events backwardly and upside down. Yet, being the fascist that you are you insist on expressing your nonsense and inanity knowing that you will never change a mind and that everyone that comes to this site out of honest inquiry knows that you are a delusional schmuck.

And yes, you ARE a communist. All of your stated views comport with the views that Soviet agents intended for you. You are just too much of a schmuck to know how far you have fallen.

Robert Berger

Phil France , this utterly dated 1963 document is a crock of you-know-what .
There's no need to make the communist party illegal now- it has absolutely no power ,nor will it ever get any .
Loyalty oaths are ridiculous and totally unnecessary . Obscenity laws are totally arbitrary and
subjective and only encourage censorship & tyranny . Who is to say what is "obscene?" Not everyone agrees . Such laws nmerely open up the slippery slope towards more and more censorship .
The US government has NEVER promoted communism or Marxism in US schools . They have never tried to "brainwash & indoctrinate " kids in any way, shape or form .
Pornography is not harmful, contrary to what right-wingers say . It has existed for thousands of years and always will . The Bible and Christianity , have done infinitely more harm to this ocuntry
over the centuries than all the pornography in the world could ever do in a million years .
Gay people have been striving for freedom and rights for decades. This has NOTHING to do with communism . Gay rights are essential for any free & democraric nation . Persecution of gay people is not only immoral , it is barbaric .
Public schools have never told kids that they may not or should not be Christian .
School prayer is wrong,because it violates the rights of kids who are not Christians .
Those who want to pray can do so all they want in church & at home. Schools are places for TEACHING , not preaching . The notion that abolishing school prayer has lowered standards of morality in this country is IDIOTIC !
The founding fathers were LIBERALS and many were deists, not Christians . Many of those who were Christian were lukewarm ones at best .
Nobody in America is trying to "discredit" the family & "promote" sexual promiscuity . Sexual promiscuity has existed for thousands of years everywhere and will always exist .
The document you posted here is a phony as a three dollar bill, Phil . You are pathetic .

Philip France


Please dont flatter yourself by thinking that I read your comments. I do not and I will not. I long ago wrote you off as hopelessly deluded and indoctrinated moron. You continue to demonstrate this fact every time you post a comment here.

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