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June 23, 2014


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Philip France

Selwyn so eloquently elaborates the details of what can be understood simply by two familiar leftist slogans:

1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend (hence, the blissful ignorance of militant Islam).

2. The issue (militant Islam) is never the issue - it's always about the Revolution.

Dmitry Chernikov

"Go in with massive force and brutality; then execute all those who would resist; and then convert the survivors to Christianity..."

So, the same civilized and virtuous Christians who will do the converting will first do the brutal executions.

Oh my goodness, Selwyn, you are insane! This will mark the end of any interest in your work I might have had.

Have a nice day.

Selwyn Duke

Dear Mr. Chernikov,

You obviously missed the point I was making, which is about the futility of our Mideast adventures. This isn't surprising since you completely missed the point of the article about the link between morality and law as well. So, since it's probably not the best idea to read works meant for adults if you can't understand them, it's prudent for you to go on your merry way. has some lighter fare perhaps more to your liking.

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