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June 14, 2014


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Philip France

The real tragedy of this issue of faux marriage is that the sodomites and carpet-munchers that sue businesses because their religious convictions prohibit the celebration of faux marriages and/or commitment ceremonies can find these services in abundance with those who have no such convictions. These obnoxious deviants want to force their ungodliness unto others.

Whatever became of “live, and let live”? Not so with the so-called ‘tolerant’ left. Those that live and behave in darkness are repulsed by the light.

Robert Berger

Philip France is nothing but an ignorant bigot . There is absolutely NO REASON why gays should not be allowed to marry, any more than blacks and whites should not be permitted to do so .
If France thinks it's "faux marriage", who cares ? What harm will it do him or anyone else ? NONE !
I hate that stupid term "sodomy" for normal human sexuality .It makes it sound like some horrible crime, which it most certainly is not .
No Christians in America are being "persecuted" by gay people or the government . On the contrary, it is bigoted jerks calling themselves "Christians" like Philip France who want to deny rights to gay people .And ultimately to persecute them .
Anti-gay bigotry is anything but " godly ", Phil France . You are irrelevant, Phil . A dinosaur. A knuckle-dragging Neanderthal . But that's an insult to the Neanderthals , who were much nicer people and far more intellgent than people like yourself .
Saying that gay marriage is a "threat to "traditional " marriage is as idiotic as saying that granting voting rights to blacks and women was a "threat " to the voting rights of white males .
Phil France, you sound just like the KKK ranting about black people or Hitler ranting about the Jews . You ought to be ashamed of yourself ! Not to mention Selwyn Puke for writing such an idiotic and bigoted article .


The information about Denmark is misleading:

1: "Churches" only refers to churches (church buildings) of the Church of Denmark (the state church).

2. There were two different acts of the Danish parliament. First they amended the marriage laws to allow same-sex marriages. And then, acting in their role as the ruling assembly of the Church of Denmark, ruled that the Church of Denmark would perform same-sex marriages, with an opt-out clause for individual priests.

3. No other religious institutions were affected, it is up to them if they want to perform same-sex marriages.

4. Since a solid majority of both members and priests of the Church of Denmark approved, it is hardly correct to say that they were "forced" to accept same-sex marriages.

Philip France

When are you going to move to Cuba, you brainless schmuck?

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