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August 11, 2014


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Since when the economy it is not a social issue? Since when those libertarian defenders on "social issues" are conservatives in its real meaning?

Robert Berger

As always, Selwyn Puke , you are more full of it than all the sewers of the world combined . First of all , there is no "movement" to legalize pedophilia . The existence of such a thing is an urban legend created by vicious anti-gay bigots who will do anything to create mindless fear & hatred of gay people .
It's despicable to equate consensual gay sex between adults in private with pedophilia , which is a monstrous crime against innocent & helpless children . The claim that granting rights to gay
peop-loe , keeping the government out of people's bedrooms etc and gay marriage will lead to legalizing pedophilia , incest , & bestiality etc is not only idiotic but despicable .
Not to mention monstrously irresponsible . You make me sick, Selwyn Puke .

Dmitry A. Chernikov

Selwyn, I understand that you inveigh not so much about homosexuality as about the "ideology of homosexualism" that proclaims equality between normal and gay attraction and sex. I agree with you on that. For example, I can see how a man contemplating marriage might say: "In a world where gays can marry, marriage is a sick joke. Forget that!" If the government is involved in marriage arrangements, then it has to decide what is a valid "marriage." You can lobby the government to adopt whatever definitions you prefer.

I personally find this boring and am content to leave this problem to others. I think our priorities differ.


Did you even read the article? Most moral issues begin at the top of a very slippery slope. Just look at the history of abortion, for example, in this country. At one time they said abortions would only be done in the first 3 months. Now, we have late term abortion and partial birth abortion, as well as abortion for trivial reasons such as sex selection (we are copying the Chi-Comms in that regard) All barbaric. The forms of abortion and reasons for abortion that people like you said would never, ever, ever happen and those that suggested that it would were just fear mongering and all the vicious names you just called Selwyn. Now we know that there is already pedophilia happening in America and we know that the porn industry has already gone down that road and the bestiality road too and there have already been a few papers published in European circles (people like you love to copy Europe, and I will never understand why) that suggest that pedophilia is a perfectly normal thing for some people and there is already a organization that advocates for it, kinda like the LBGT community does now.

Philip France

Hello Lee.

Robert Berger is this site's resident troll. He does not read Selwyn's columns. He scans them for buzzwords and then vomits his filth. He NEVER quotes intellectuals; he NEVER inserts hyperlinks in support of his points and NEVER makes a statement of proven facts.

He is an intellectual insect that insists on besmirching this otherwise august web page and he is the epitome of the college campus intellectual iron maiden that too many refer to as "liberal", when, in fact, they are actually doctrinaire leftists, Marxists, if you will.

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