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September 30, 2014


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Philip France

Thus we see the slippery slope that commenced when homosexuality began to be "celebrated" and that those of us that support the traditional nuclear family are rightly opposed to the homosexual movement in general and faux marriage specificly.

Sexual perversion and deviancy are so regardless of whether or not one accepts or celebrates them or whatever terms are misused to mask its evil consquences.

Robert Berger

Sekqtn Puke, you are either totally ignorant of the facts or lying through your teeth . You're just rehashing the same old tired, long discredited stories about sex education in public schools . There is not one shred of truth to your claims . They are nothing but hysterical fear mongering .
And it's appalling that there are so many ignorant gullible people in America who believe the garbage you spew , like the pathetic Phil France . As P.T. Barnum said , "There's a sucker born every minute ".


Robert Berger, was your birthday on October 1st?

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