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September 17, 2014


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The only way to decrease, and only that, decrease, domestic violence is raising strong men and women.
The man sure of himself and his position as leader does not harm the weak.
The strong woman does not need to compete with the strong man for the leadership role, nor feels threatened by what makes us different.
I am deeply proud of throwing a ball like a woman, to punch like a woman (only with my eyes), to walk, sit, stand, talk and think like a woman, especially when a MAN is able to recognize me as such and treat me accordingly.

Philip France

"So instead of worrying about schoolyard “throw like a girl” taunts, perhaps society would be better served if we mainstreamed and made most damning another taunt: “You think like a liberal.”"

The flaw in this logic is that liberals do not think - they emote. I suppose that one could apply what Dr. Thomas Sowell refers to as "stage one thinking" to the modern liberal, but scratch the surface a little and what you find is empty-headednes and emotionality.

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