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November 09, 2014


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The American form of government is called "the American experiment" and it's just that, a transitory form of organizing the society and assigning its functions and limitations to the branches of government in this new country.
Americans have proved they are exactly as any other human group, only slower on the surrender of its liberty.
Asked to choose, they will prefer submission with "material guarantees" over freedom with the uncertainty of the material well-being of tomorrow. Of course, the final balance is always no freedom and no well-being. The apprehension tends to come too late for every group, except those in power, who do not care one way or the other.

Robert Berger

If this nightmare scenario comes true , it will be the fault of the GOP, not the Democrats . Let's face it - the GOP is now the most evil, corrupt and dangerous organization on the planet
Don't worry about Muslims destroying America . We don't need them to do this with the abominable GOP in our own back yard .

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