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November 12, 2014


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Brenton Bauerle

Dear Mr. Selwyn,
I used an article you wrote, "Inquisition or Iniquity," for a historiographical presentation on the Spanish Inquisition. Since i am sure you do not know what the word historiography means -- nor am I confident you could spell it without the assistance of spellcheck -- I wold just like you to know that the entire point of including your article was to use it as a point of reference for the biased, historically inaccurate scholarship that permeates the academic discussion of the inquisition. In addition, I made my way to this site while doing research on your background for my presentation, and I very nearly decided to not use your article due to the bigotry and objectively inaccurate nature of most of your posts. In the end, I am glad I did use your article, as I got the opportunity to explain to my classmates just how unqualified you are to discuss any kind of topic at any level. I mean it with all sincerity that if you were to tell me the Pope was Catholic, I would check with two other people before I believed you. I hope this message at least gives you pause in your continuing march down the path of ignorance, though i am certain it will not as that would require a level of self-awareness I can almost guarantee you do not possess.
Yours truly,
Brenton Bauerle

Philip France

Never in my life have I seen such psychologial and emotional projection. Please provide three examples of where Selwyn Duke has ever been factually incorrect.

It would do you well to read every coloumn that Selwyn Duke has written one day at a time until you have exhausted his archives and you have been freed from your ideological iron maiden.

Selwyn Duke

Hi, Philip,

Thank you for the kind words and the spirited defense. Master Bauerle is obviously very young, as evidenced by his statement that his presentation was given to his "classmates." The only thing I cannot ascertain, due to his lack of specificity, is whether his current schooling is on the high-school or junior-high-school level.

God bless,

Selwyn Duke


Such a degree of smugness is distinctive of a college student.


"I got the opportunity to explain to my classmates just how unqualified you are to discuss any kind of topic at any level."

This statement is contradicted by your own suggestion. Just saying.

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