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December 25, 2014


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Philip France

Merry Christmas to you and yours as well, Selwyn Duke. Thank you for your sagaicious and articulate observations of our sadly decaying society.

Thought Criminal

Merry Christmas from England Selwyn and keep this going. Only found it recently and have passed the link to my friends. As someone almost said "You are not alone!"

Anti-White Crime

Thank you, Philip, I appreciate the kind words.

On a different note, with as long as you've been reading and contributing, your comment about my use of the term "liberal" deserves a response.

I'm aware of the definition you referenced in the other post; however, as you may recall if you read my pieces about the problems with conservatism and why I stopped calling myself a conservative, the political terms we use have only provisional meaning. In other words, what "liberal" and "conservative" represent change from time to time and place to place. In fact, the two terms (and concepts) are a phenomenon of modern times; in the age of true faith, the only relevant terms were "orthodox" and "heretical." And for someone who believes in Truth, they are the only terms that truly make sense; after all, we are either aligned with the Truth (are orthodox) or we're not.

Having said this, the average reader would misinterpret matters if I used those terms, and I am writing for a pluralistic readership. And given that what "liberal" represents today is fairly widely understood, the term has provisional value in communication.

I also don't worry much, in the case of "liberal," about the idea that the word has been co-opted. After all, since I know that orthodoxy is what must be identified and striven for, I don't really have any use for even the earlier conceptions of liberalism.

God bless and Happy New Year,

Selwyn Duke

Anti-White Crime

Dear TC,

Thank you for responding and for the season's greetings.

By the way, if you're reading my work, you certainly must be considered a thought criminal in England. We're close to that point in the U.S., too.

God bless and Happy New Year,

Selwyn Duke

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