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February 14, 2015


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Robert Berger

Please tell me . Where does"god" specifically tell us what our rights are ? The Bible ? Are ou kidding .
People who say that our rights "come from god" are merely using this as an excuse to try to tell others what they may or may not do BASED ON THEIR OWN OPINIONS and THEIR subjective interpretation of what the Bible
says .
You "disappriove" of homosexuality ? Then you claim that "god " forbids it .All because of certain lines in the old testament which were written by primitive middle eastern tribesmen who believed in an imaginary bronze age Semitic sky god who supposedly hates gay people and wants everybody to suck up to him 24/7 .
You're opposed to abortion ? Where does the Binle refer to this ? Nowhere .
You're offended by pornography ? Where in the Bible does it say whether people are permitted to use it ? Nowhere .
The Bible caalls homosexuality an abomination ? WEll, it also prohibits eating prork and shellfish , working on the Sabbath , wearing clothes with two kinds of fabric , requires parents to put disobedient children to death , and demansds that adulterous women be stoned to death . If you believe in the Bible, why not follow it to the letter, rather than cherry picking it for your own selfish purposes ?
You do NOT need religion to be a good and moral person , nor does being religious mean that you will automatically be
a good person .

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