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March 07, 2015


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Robert Berger

Oh come on, Selwyn . Enough of your disgusting homophobic bigotry . If people don't want to watch a TV show with two boys kissing, nobody is forcing them, including you . But to think that this kiss will do "harm to society" and "make kids gay " is absolutely idiotic .
You can't "make" anyone gay . You are either gay or you are not. If you are not, nothing can make you gay. If you are, nothing can stop you .The "normalization" of homosexuality ?" This is just a code word for anti-gay bigotry . Are you really stupid enigh to think that if no TV shows had gay characters, or no movies, America would be a better place ? Or if they were stereotypically portrayed as being dangerous and evil ?
What's truly evil and despicable is the normalization of bigotry against gay people . Homophobia is the last acceptable prejudice . Homosexuality is here to stay . Get over it ! You cannot legislate it out of existence . Denial of rights to gay people and persecution of them is no better than denying rights to black people or women.
Homosexuality is no more a "choice" than skin color, eye color, or whether you are left-or right-handed . Why would people "choose" to be gay in a world which is so hostile to them ? And even if it were a choice, so what ?.
What consenting adults do in private in no business of anyone else, least of all the law, the ccourts, and the police . Homosexuality has existed from the very beginning of mankind hundreds of thousands of years ago, and is found in hundreds of animal species . Abnd it will exist for as long as the humman race does .
We cannot and must not go back to the bad old days when gay people lived in fear of losing thewir jobs, being sent to jail, being blackmaiked by unscrupulous individuals , and being sent to mental institutions to be "cured" of being gay .
How can blather about the need for "liberty" in America while wanting to deny gay peopel civil rights and even persecute them. This is disgusting hypocrisy . You cannot say "All men are created equal" - except for homosexuals ".

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