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May 12, 2015


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Cowards see no reason for brave people to be brave.

Robert Berger

The problem with Pamela Geller is that she is NOT courageous in any way . She is a bigoted hate and fear monger who fosters mindless fear and hatred of Muslims . Yes, there are SOME extremely dangerous fanatical Muslims, but Geller invariably paints with too broad a brush and stereotypes over a billion people, who vast majority of whom are peaceful people who mean no one any harm .
Geller is not courageous ; she is despicable . There is a small number of fanatical Christians in America , and some have murdered doctors, bombed women's health care clinics and gay bars and done violence to gay people,but the overwhelming majority of Christians in America are peaceful and law-abiding . Stereotyping os wrong no matter which group of people it is applied to .

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