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June 02, 2015


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Philip France

Very good. This well explains God’s seeming indifference to evil and suffering, however it ignores the cause.
In the early chapters of Matthew and Luke, we learn that upon the commencement of his ministry, Jesus the Nazarene went into the wilderness where he was confronted by Satan. Satan showed to Jesus the great powers of the earth and offered them to him (Jesus) in exchange for his worship. If Satan did not have the goods, so to speak, Jesus would have called his bluff.
Satan is referred elsewhere in the Word of God as “the god of this world” and “the prince of the power of the air” (hence, so-called “natural disasters” or, even worse, “acts of god”).
The great error in modern understanding of spirituality is the underestimation of the power of Satan. In fact, that is the great peril of atheism: not so much the ignorance of God, but the rationalization of evil by denying its source.
One could rationally ask, why does not a loving and all-powerful God do away with the source? Good question. The answer is that God is just. It is written in His word that the time will come when Satan is done away with. In fact, Satan will consume himself in his own evil. The last three chapters of the Book of Revelation make this abundantly clear.

Robert Berger

Satan is no more real than Santa Claus and the tooth fairy . Humans do bad things, period . They always have and always will .To blame an imaginary demon for anything is the height of foolishness .

dick prudlo

If men do evil just because, why are animals indifferent to it? Your concept is as vacant as John Calvin with less thought attached.

Robert Berger

Straw man, Dick Prudlo . I didn't say humans are animals . I just said that Satan is imaginary . Well, some say himans are a form of animal, and I guess they are . I'm not condoning wrongdoing . Many Christians, who claim to be "moral " because of their belief in god, do horrible things, and always have. Same as followers of every religion . Many atheists are far better, more decent, kinder and ethical people than Christians .They don't need an imaginary bronze age Semitic sky god to be good people .

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