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June 02, 2015


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John Steensma

Oh, if you only knew the scriptures!!! Your article, respectfully, would suggest something different regarding God's providential control over his creation... including man's actions. Understanding the problem of evil and the why of it (think sin to start) and understanding the holy character of God you evidently do not understand would become more profoundly apparent to you if you read the whole of the scriptures. My prayer would be that the Lord of this universe would grant you little more insight into his being (and we all need to do this) that your article, again, would suggest you do not fully understand. And, by the way, nowhere in scripture does it say that man has free will. Only two persons ever had free will and that was the first Adam (and Eve) and the second Adam (that being Christ). In the morel realm every aspect of our being (including our will) is tainted with sin and thence not free but in bondage to it (outside of Christ in our lives). Only in Christ are we free from the curse and consequence of our sin. Nothing happens out side of God's control, the one who has determined the end from the beginning. That is seen throughout the scriptures, even to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Only in Him are we made free!!

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