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June 11, 2015


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Robert Berger

Selwyn Puke , this is agiant load of bullscrap . The only "gay agenda " is to be treated decently by society , to have equal rights and not to be discriminated against . They have been denied these things all over the world for too long . Gay peopel aren't "bullying anyone, trying to "shove homosexuality " down anyone's throat, and they're not trying to "recruit " into the "homosexual lifestyle", not do they lie in wait in order to seduce or rape children .
In fact, the vast majority of pedophiles are HETEROSEXUAL, and a child has a far greater chance of being molested by a straight person than a gay one . Yet right-wing bigots all over America lie about , demonize, scapegoat , stigmatize and stereotype gay people and portray them as the spawn of the devil and a threat to society .
There is no way to go back to the bad old days when gay people lived in fear of being discovered , fired from their jobs, disgraced , being blackmailed by unscrupulous people and even being sent to mental institutions to be "cured " of their homosexuality by brutal electro shock "therapy " and evenLOBOTOMIZED .
Sorry , anti-gay bigots, we can never go back to this again, fortunately . Don't try to force America back to the barbarism of the past ! By the way, I'm NOT gay myself . I just loathe anti-gay bigotry . I'm disgusted by narrow-minded, intolerant , bigoted , and self-righteous scum like Selwyn Puke .
They are to gay people what Hitler and the Nazis were to Jews, and the KKK are to black people .
If gay people do not deserve equal rights, then NO ONE deserve any rights at all ! You cannot say "All men are created equal - except for homosexuals "without being a despicable hypocrite .

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