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July 31, 2015


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Philip France

It is the epitome of moral inversion that those who support and/or make excuses for an organization that destroys and sell the remains of developing human life are also the same morally bankrupt morons who oppose the death penalty for the most heinous murderers.

Robert Berger

To call what Planned Parenthood does a "holocaust " is abslutely despicable and an insult to GENUINE holocaust victims such as Jews and Armenians . Does Planned Parenthood round up pregnant women and force them to have abortions against their will ? Of course not, you slimy little bastard Selwyn Puke !
Abortion has been very common all over the world for thousands of years and will always happen .
It's not going away, and you can never legislate it out of existence . Poverty and various adverse social and economic conditions in society cause abortion, bnot Planned Parenthood. If it did not exist, others would perfom abortions anyway . Roe v Wade was not the beginning of abortion in America . It was the end of women DYING from abortion .
And what do anti-choicers like Selwyn Puke care about children once born ? NOTHING . You could not careless if they starve . And you have absolutely no love for fetuses which grow up to be gay . You are a despicable hypocrite .

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