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July 06, 2015


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Philip France

"But who is really to blame? Our Hell-raisers are only in power because far too many of us are just voting for the politicians Americans wouldn’t vote for."

Who is really to blame? I would start with Karl Marx and Charles Darwin. They are most responsible for the rage against Truth. It didn't help that Stalin sent cancer cells into our universities and media (not to mention the Department of State) thus infecting us with Robert Berger and his fellow-travelers.

Robert Berger

What Phil France is saying here is beyond idiotic . Only an imbecile like this could blame this tragedy on Obama, Marx and Darwin, as though this tragic murder were part of a deliberate plan of our president to bring dangerous violent illegals into the ountry . Fact: The overwhelming majority of Hispanics coming across the border are NOT dangerous and violent , and far more people in America are murdered by WHITE criminals born in this country .
How Darwin , who abhorred violence, could be blamed for this boggles the mind . Or Marx . Phil France, communism is as dead as a fish on thebeach . Stop letting the idiots of the John Birch society fool you into thinking that communism is a threat to America any more . Obama is no more a "communist " than he is Chinese, you blithering idiot , and you don't even know what socialism

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