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August 05, 2015


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Robert Berger

Lions are an endangered species . Humans are NOT . The sotry about Planned Parenthoodallegedly selling body parts for profit was debunked from the very beginning as a total fraud organized by a radicla anti-choice outfit called "Center for medical progress ". They doctored the videos to make it appear as though PP harvests organs from aborted fetus and sells them for profit . This is absolutely untrue . PP is a non-profit organization .
What is does is donate fetal tissue for vital medical research , but only with the consent of its patients. This is neither illegal nor immoral . \
Planned Parenthood does not force women to have abortions . It has never rounded pregnant women and forced them to have abortions against their will. They do so of their own free will and because of their own personal problems . And ironically, the abortion rate in America would be even higher than it is without PP, because the contraceptives it provides have PREVENTED countless abortions .
PP has saved the lives of who knows how many poor women in America .

Philip France

Let’s be real: Planned Parenthood is an oxymoron. It was founded by the eugenicist hag, Margaret Sanger for the primary purpose of ridding the nation of Negroes (and others deemed “defective” by the so-called elite). It has ingloriously succeeded as the highest percentages of infanticide are to Negro “mothers”. Is it any coincidence that virtually all PP’s are located in inner-cities? Is it yet another coincidence that the two states that do not have any PP facilities are Alaska and Wyoming; the two “whitest” states in the US? I say that we not stop at defunding them. The institution should be criminalized.

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