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September 02, 2015


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Robert Berger

Tpo say that liberalism created a monster like this is not only idiotic, but disgusting and offensive . He was a gay man, but in no way typical of gay people . He was just plain mentally ill . To accuse Obama and the Democrats of deliberately stirring up racial tension in order to cause the death of white cops is beyond the pale, and absolutely nauseating .
Cop killings have actually DECREASED under Obama from previous presidential administrations . Obama is a good and decent man and there is absolutely no malice in him .
The unrest today has actually been caused by the way our police departments and the law have been allowing rogue white cops to kill unarmed blacks with impunity . Of course, the overwhelming majority of white cops are not guilty of this, but let's face it ; too many unarmed blacks have been murdered by out of control white cops . Petty crime should not be condoned, but this does NOT give a white cop the right to kill an unarmed black person . You make me sick, Selwyn Puke .

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