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May 01, 2017


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Robert Berger

Conversion therapy SHOULD be illegal . Why ? Because it's a totaL fraud and a dangerous one at that . There is no such thing as an "ex gay " and homosexuality is no more a "choice " than being left-handed . Forcing young gay people to undergo this fraudulent "cure " for homosexuality has led some of them to commit suicide by being made to feel shame for being what they are . All so-called "ex gays " have been brainwashed . They inevitably revert . Whether a "gay gene" exists or not is irrelevant . Saying there is none is nothing but a hypocritical excuse to justify homophobic bigotry and discrimination against gay people .
And even if homosexuality were a choice, so what ? Nobody has the right to tell them what they may or may not do in private . Or should do . Discrimination against gay people is no better than discrimination against blacks or Jews etc . People who are hostile to gays and think they should be treated as second class citizens are no better than the KKK , Hitler and the Nazis . If gay people do not deserve equal right in America, then no one deserves any rights at all ! You cannot say "All men are created equal, except for homosexuals ."
This applies to transgender individuals too .

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