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May 02, 2017


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Philip France

Hello Selwyn,

This is one of your most outstanding columns. This coming from a friend who has admired every column that you have ever written. I have a thought for you to ponder:

I completely understand your point about not referring to black Americans as African-Americans. I would add to the point that there is a certain arrogance to the broad usage of the term "American". Are not Canadians and those living in Central and South America also "Americans"?

I also lament the fact that society has been bullied out of the more appropriate and precise term of Negro (I add that this is the most anthropologically correct term). I say this because those to whom society refers to as black are not actually black. Those with the darkest of complexions are more deep purple than black (Sopranos' fans will remember the term 'mulignane' which is Italian for 'eggplant'). Black has also historically stood for evil. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. always referred to his race as negro. Why would one distance him or herself from that identification?

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