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April 21, 2021


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Enzo D Baker

Well done, Selwyn! I applaud your brilliant mind, which is quite evident in your writings but even more so witnessing an unscripted and extemporaneous presentation.

I am pleading with my fellow countrymen to resist the tyrannical mask mandates and lockdowns as often as possible. Even though I reside in the People's Republic of California I have thus far been 100% successful in my refusal to wear one. It is evident to me that these draconian measures have nothing to do with public health and safety but rather with societal conditioning.

Selwyn Duke

Hi, Enzo,

Good to hear from you again. Many thanks for the kind words; I do appreciate them.

I hope you and yours are well, and God bless.

Selwyn Duke

Jake sumter

You have a short memory. Trump admitted he controlled the Covid info because he wanted the message to remain upbeat. BTW you wear a mask after the vaccination to protect those who haven’t been vaccinated yet.

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