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May 28, 2021


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Jason Smalls

Macgregor went on Russian TV a couple of years ago an agreed with Putin’s plan to annex parts of Ukraine. You are an a-hole, Selwyn. If you trust this guy. A Russian sympathizer, Who Trump placed in the Pentagon and gave him security clearance.Selwyn you know nothing yet proclaim you are a great thinker but cannot put two and two together.

Free John Denton

Jason. What are you ? This country is being destroyed by all of the illegals crossing our borders.


The Cold War ended 30 years ago. The Ukraine is on Russia's doorstep, who cares?

Free John Denton

My words were censored on my last post on this topic!!!

Jason Smalls

Luigi you missed the point.Trump’s macGregor appeased Putin by saying Russia is right to go after Ukraine. It has nothing to do with the Cold War


Jason you missed my point as well. Russia is no longer our adversary, Ukraine is thousands of miles away and has no strategic importance to the US. Why should we care? Putin may be a thug but he is not our enemy.

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