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August 08, 2021


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Robert Berger

Why should people fear an imaginary bronze age Semitic sky god ? This is what the Christian "God" actually is . This deity is no more real than Santa Claus or the tooth fairy , yet millions of Americans still believe in it .
This is the 21st century, the digital age . I thought humanity had progressed had beyond the bronze age . But apparently, millions of Americans have yet to do this . How pathetic ! The Bible is nothing but an ancient collection of ancient fairy tales, myths and legends written by primitive middle eastern tribesmen who lived in a time when humanity was ruled by blind, primitive superstition .
The unknown individuals who wrote the Bible had no idea where the sun goes at night and believed the earth was flat . Why should we believe anything they wrote today ? And you do NOT have to believe in an ancient imaginary Semitic sky god to be a good and moral person ! Furthermore, by no means all Christians in America are good people . Just look at the religious right, which is the Christian Taliban .

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