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January 19, 2022


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Hi, Selwyn. How's my favorite homeschooler this week?

You know the interesting thing about population density is that if we aren't dense enough here in America to suit the rest of the world, they insist on adding to our denseness with their own.


Eric Hodgdon

For his push to go off planet, Musk is a True American.

I do not side with the planet bound mundanes who have neither the vision nor the wherewithal to grasp the natural path of continuing to explore and seek new places for people to go to. There's much, too much out there to ignore, pass up, and be in fear of the unknown. Technical concerns are merely things to solve as humans are that which solve, grow, and thrive.

The restless must keep all going as it's what humanity has done and will continue doing if survival is desired.

Watch the last few minutes of the 1936 movie "Things To Come" - it is what being human is about.

And, for the religiously inclined, take note, GOD made us this way. For the non-religiously inclined, we evolved to be this way.

There will be a divergence in people who go off planet if they remain out there unless steps to condition those people to retain their muscles and bones to Earth standards. This I think is a very good idea so that we remain the same in shape and form.

I know there will be backlash from many groups around the World to these ideas of going off planet, but why should the abilities and rational ideas be held back ?

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