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May 06, 2022


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Will Gray

If Russia uses a nuclear weapon and we respond in kind, whatever we targeted would be in RUSSIA and they would respond with a equivalent strike (sink a US aircraft carrier) or hit a target in our missile field in N. Dakota. That would get a strategic response from the US and Russia. Washington DC and Moscow would be erased along with bases on both sides. Russia is staffed with aggressive defenders and we are currently staffed with Obama idiots. Would be the last fight of this century as the Chinese (our real enemy) would take everything that is left.

Robert Berger

If you think "the left " ( whatever that is ) is actually doing this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. . . . . . . America and the Democratic party have no "far left ". However, the Repubublican party has gone so far to the right, it only makes the Democrats look far left to naive and gullible Americans .
The Republicans and the conservative media have gone so far right they're no longer conservative . They're downright medieval and theocratic . Reactionary and regressive, not conservative .They are trying to "take America back " - right back to the dark ages !


LOL! OK, Berger. As if we're unaware of people like extremists in the squad or the abortion mobs or Antifa or BLM. I they say in the law...the thing speaks for itself!


Russia targeted our troops in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. They gave weapons and intel to accomplish this. Putin has no room for complaint.

Anyone seriously thinking the GOP is a far right party is need of a rubber room.


Hey, Welfare Queen, you still typin on the internets, dipshit?

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