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May 29, 2022


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Such disparagement of other people's sutures, Selwyn - It's as if someone suggested bottom surgery to you the day after they diagnosed you with Ogre personality disorder. Now I must admit to owning dolls and Barbies well into adulthood though I don't play with them. I'm capable of using them to make clothes on occasion, however. BTW, I think you missed out on grow up Barbie who transformed from preteen to teen breast development when you turned her right arm. The predecessor was a doll whose hair would grow long when you pulled a string or pushed a button in her back. Just imagine how this old tech could be used for trans Q-bie in the future.

Now I'm not much into tampering with nature unless there has been an accident or some serious malformation. You come equipped a certain way and certainly shouldn't be overly concerned with your derriere. I, of course, think this obsession with genitals is a distraction from aspects of life that should matter more and will eventually as you grow old, like it or not. Though, I'm a bit concerned with your current obsession with others' transgender obsession, Selwyn. You don't look anything like a woman so it's not personal. Although maybe it's a result of past trauma. Did you once date Lorena Bobbitt???


Take your meds, tj


Maybe I could just have some of whatever you're drinking tonight.

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