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June 30, 2022


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Robert Berger

Exactly what does the Constitution say about abortion ? Absolutely nothing ! Making abortion illegal again in individual US states will no more stop women from seeking and obtaining abortions any more than Prohibition stopped Americans from drinking alcohol .
And before Prohibition, what did the Constitution say about the legality of consuming alcoholic beverages ? Absolutely nothing . And the founders, who certainly loved to drink wine and beer , would have been horrified to see our government make liquor illegal .
And ruthless gangsters such as Al Capone and others had a field day raking in the money through bootleg liquor .
It will be the same with abortion in the states that make it illegal . Dangerous back alley abortionists will make a lot of money by endangering the lives of so many pregnant women, and kill or nearly kill them, and the porest ones will kill themselves trying to self abort .
And women who are wealthy enough will easily fly off to Canada Europe or elsewhere for safe legal abortions . Roe v Wade was not the beginning of abortion in America. It was the end of women DYING from abortions .

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